Board of EYP Azerbaijan is the executive body of EYP Azerbaijan which is elected by National Committee for 1 year.

Each board member is a head of the Department which has an invaluable contribution to the development of EYP Azerbaijan.

2019 - 2020

Rafael Hajibayli


Rufat Mir Feyzullazadeh

Vice President

Vafa Ahmadova

Vice President

Inji Jafarli

Board Member on
Public Relations

Murad Aliyev

Board Member on
Human Resources

Sevda Mansurova

Board Member on

Murad Malik-Aslanov

Board Member on
International Relations

Laman Jalilova

Board Member on

Mahammad Aliyev

Board Member on
Outreach & Inclusion

Guldana Dadashova

Board Member on
National Coordination