1st Digital Session of EYP Azerbaijan 8 Jun 2020

1st Digital Session of EYP Azerbaijan

It is our utmost pleasure to announce the logo of the 1st Digital Session of EYP Azerbaijan!

In response to the lockdown and closure of borders across Europe, EYP Azerbaijan presents its first fully digital session! ‘Restart’, the 1st Digital Session of EYP Azerbaijan, will unite around 100 young people of Europe between the 9th and 12th of July to create an innovative educational experience.
The session is inspired by investigating the digital transformation of what was once our everyday lives. We would like to showcase how digital connections are creating a ‘new normal’ and reviving our world with an increased global outlook and digital presence. We wish to showcase the rebirth of our world and the opportunity we now have to reshape and transform society digitally. Thus, we have chosen the symbol of the rabbit to represent this session as a symbol of rebirth and new beginnings. It is also a symbol of speed and flexibility, which we feel encapsulates the pace at which the EYP has adapted to creating digital sessions as well as the further fast advancing digital world that has developed in response to the outbreak of the coronavirus pandemic.
The Head Organisers of the session are Kanan Guliyev (AZ) and Lauren Cheetham-Birmingham (UK). They invite you to build bridges with young people from across Europe and open yourselves to the new possibilities of the more digital Europe that is emerging.

Logo credits: Tima Mzh