Training for EYP Trainers 2021 21 Feb 2023

Training for EYP Trainers 2021

The time for announcing the Head Organiser of the upcoming T4ET has finally come!

Mahammad Aliyev was a Board Member of EYP Azerbaijan on Outreach and Inclusion during the past term and will be responsible for T4ET in the Autumn of 2021!

The Head Organiser Mahammad Aliyev shared his impressions with you:

“I am thrilled to be a Head Organiser of such an amazing and important event for the network. T4ET enables participants to become confident, competent, experienced trainers ready to go out in the network and deliver trainings, spreading their experience from T4ET throughout the rest of the organisation and even beyond it. I believe that this event is a perfect opportunity for anyone who wants to develop their training skills and I, in my turn, will be there to ensure that all the participants get the most out of this experience.

Looking forward to your activeness during the calls for Trainers and Trainees but for now, you can apply as a Head Trainer and be in charge of shaping the learning process for the participants!”

To remind, the call for the Head Trainer is still open so hurry up to apply! The application deadline is July 21 23:59 CEST⌛️

We are wishing him the best of luck with organising T4ET!⭐️