Outreach and Inclusion

Outreach and Inclusion

Starting from the December 2018, EYP Azerbaijan focuses on Inclusion and Outreach which aims to make EYP accessible for every youth in Azerbaijan regardless of their social-economic background, area of living, education, nationality and language skills.

EYP Azerbaijan focuses on 5 main target groups according to the International guidelines on Inclusion and Outreach:

  • Young people from a low socio-economic background
  • Student from vocational schools
  • Ethnic minority groups
  • Students with immigrant backgrounds
  • Geographically remote students

Our actions in the terms of Inclusion and Outreach:

  • Fee waiver program – is the program which allows for the people who are not able to pay participation fee for the EYP Session. We have limited spots per event, however we try to meet fair need.
  • Outreach events – are the one-day events hold the regions of Azerbaijan which are geographically remoted in Azerbaijani language.

1st Outreach Event has been organized in Quba-Qusar region on December 22-23 involving 85 school pupils from 15 different educational institutions.

Rufat Mir Feyzullazada - Project Coordinator