EYP Azerbaijan

EYP Azerbaijan

EYP Azerbaijan is the fully recognized National Committee of EYP network since 2011. During the last 12 years EYP Azerbaijan has organized more than 50 events including large scale events such as Garabagh International Forum, Ganja International Youth Forum, Summer Training Camp, several university and school sessions, as well as National Selection Conferences.

EYP Azerbaijan is the unique platform for Azerbaijani youth to share their ideas, to debate in different topics, discuss current European issues and develop their selves as the future leaders by contributing to the positive changes of their community.

EYP Azerbaijan reaches up to 800 youngsters from different regions of Azerbaijan annually.

Today, we have more than 5,000 alumni who has the chance to participate at EYP events from 10 different regions of Azerbaijan.

We also create the opportunities for our active members to participate in the EYP Sessions abroad. More than 150 alumni of EYP Azerbaijan had the chance to represent Azerbaijan in different scale events of EYP network in more than 40 countries.