Understanding Europe

Understanding Europe

The aim of the project is to convey a basic understanding of the EU to youngsters. During four-hour EU Crash Courses we want to encourage pupils to discuss current European questions and give them space to openly express their opinions about Europe.

The EU Crash Course covers three main topics:

  • Why does the EU exist? – Milestones of European history
  • Who is the EU? – Actors of the EU
  • What does the EU do? – Competences of the EU

The students work in small groups, are encouraged to ask questions, and reflect together upon the ways of influence the EU has on their everyday lives.

Azerbaijan is the part of UE Crash Course from 2014 year and has organized more than 20 Crash Courses in 11 different schools. Right now, there are 15 active trainers of UE Crash Courses who are always happy to help you organize the UE Crash Course at your school.

EYP Azerbaijan is an opportunity first of all. An opportunity for students and pupils all around Europe to come together, build bridges and express themselves. Understanding Europe is a unique project that allows these students to dive into the world of European Union and its Values. I feel extremely proud to be a part of this organisation for 7 years now and it brings me joy to watch people grow and develop themselves in bunch of different fields. Understanding Europe gives space for development and realization as well as academic intelligence and self consciousness.

Teymur Mehdizade - Project Coordinator